Custom Peptide Synthesis Elevated: Advanced Chemtech Offers Uncommon and Modified Amino Acids

Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 8:01pm UTC

Unlock the potential of peptides with Advanced ChemTech's custom peptide synthesis. Uncommon and modified amino acids play vital roles in drug stability, bacterial functions, scientific research, biomarkers, dietary supplements, and industrial applications.

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Advanced ChemTech is a peptide synthesis company producing amino acids and other chemical reagents and pharmaceuticals, serving as a leader in biochemical research and innovation.

Uncommon and modified amino acids serve unique roles that a standard approach can only sometimes fulfill. They are the unsung heroes of molecular biology, serving specialized functions that deliver multiple advantages when you know the best place to buy peptides online.


Peptides deliver significant benefits in several ways. These advantages can be broken into several categories that Advanced ChemTech provides with its approach to uncommon and modified amino acid manufacturing.

1. Our synthesized amino acids can significantly improve drug stability and efficacy. This process helps the eventual product hold up over time or in different environments. It gives the consumer confidence in the overall effectiveness received. Modifications can help control how fast it is released into the system, optimizing its effects.

2. Some bacteria use uncommon amino acids to build proteins with specialized functions. This resource provides them with a tool that can be used to complete different jobs or perform specific tasks. Modified amino acids from our peptide synthesis company can help bacteria form beneficial relationships with plants or animals.

3. In scientific research, uncommon and modified amino acids can act as tags to monitor protein behaviors. This advantage is like how someone might highlight a specific portion of text in a book they read to remember that information. Biomarkers are biological molecules that indicate normal or abnormal processes. This resource can let a treatment team know if an intervention is working as expected during the treatment process.

4. Some modified amino acids are markers for specific conditions or diseases. It communicates that something in the system might require additional attention.

5. Occasionally, uncommon and modified amino acids are effective as dietary supplements. An excellent example of this benefit involves N-acetylcysteine being used as a more stable form of cysteine. Our peptide synthesis company has the capacity to deliver your desired outcome by focusing on high-quality manufacturing processes from the first step.

6. Industrial applications are available for uncommon and modified amino acids. They provide heat resistance and binding affinity properties, making them valuable in various settings.

An additional benefit involves enzyme activity. Advanced ChemTech produces uncommon and modified amino acids that are cofactors to supercharge their functions. It is like adding a catalyst to a chemical reaction that enables it to increase its speed.

From heat-resistant materials to specialized bioplastics, the applications are virtually limitless for peptides. More information, including our peptide pool products, is available at

About Advanced ChemTech

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Advanced ChemTech provides various fine chemicals to the research and pharmaceutical market. These chemicals vary massively, including amino acids, peptides, resins, reagents, and more. We are Leaders in instrumentation, and provide TETRAS™, a state-of-the-art synthesizer for peptide synthesis.

Advanced ChemTech has all the chemicals you need, whether for pharmaceutical research or the market, or perhaps a school science project, required re-stock for a commercial entity, or other requirements. Whatever you need, the Chemtech team is here to help you; you can even read their newly released blog for free information and advice. To find out more information about the team and their processes, you can also reach out via

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